1. It Only Takes A Moment (2:34)
  2. We’ve Only Just Begun (4:53)
  3. Solo Tú (5:23)
  4. That Way (4:40)
  5. I Hope You Find Her (3:30)
  6. Nothing Good Happens After Midnight (6:03)
  7. September In The Rain (5:41)
  8. But Not For Me (4:35)
  9. Something I Dreamed Last Night (3:43)
  10. Drunk On Love (5:13)
  11. Just One Of Those Things (3:45)
  12. Darn That Dream (6:02)
  13. Jackie (3:24)


Personnel: Ashley Pezzotti on vocals, Alex Weitz on tenor saxophone, Emmet Cohen on piano, Bob Bruya on bass, and Kyle Poole on drums


Alex Weitz appears on We’ve Only Just Begun (track 2), Solo Tú (track 3), Nothing Good Happens After Midnight (track 6), September In The Rain (track 7), Drunk On Love (track 12), and Jackie (track 13).


We’ve Only Just Begun, Solo Tú, That Way, I Hope You Find Her, Nothing Good Happens After Midnight, and Drunk On Love are original compositions composed by Ashley Pezzotti and Alex Weitz. Lyrics by Ashley Pezzotti.


Executive Producer: Moises Pezzotti

Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio in New York

Engineered by Max Ross

Mixed and Mastered by David Darlington

Photography by Jackie Arias of JCA Photography

Hair and Makeup by Shaina Hernandez

Album Design by Jaime Breiwick



We've Only Just Begun - CD

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